Solesis was formed in 2011 as an operating division of Fenner PLC, the world leader in polymer technology. Fenner initially expanded into the health care industry in 2008 with the acquisition of The Secant Group / Secant Medical LLC, now operated by Solesis. In 2018 Michelin acquired Fenner PLC,  and Solesis became part of the Michelin organization.   As an innovator in medical device technologies and polymer sciences, Secant has experienced significant organic growth, expanding into contract manufacturing and other polymer technologies. In 2015, Solesis acquired Charter Medical, LTD, further enhancing inroads in medical technologies and creating new avenues for growth in biopharmaceuticals and cell therapy sectors. 

Solesis continues to partner with companies leading the charge to innovate emerging technologies for regenerative device development and manufacturing.

Building the company potential was met when Fenner brought in Karen West as Managing Director of Solesis. After overseeing businesses at Fenner and other companies since 2000 (including the Secant Group), West brings executive level experience to understanding what is necessary in establishing and growing a stand-alone division of a large firm.


“Our deep knowledge of industry, technology, finance, and operations provides the ability to build companies in the emerging health care space through organic growth and acquisitions.”

~ Karen West, President – Solesis



With a strong focus on life sciences, medical technologies, and biopharmaceuticals, Solesis oversees operations for Michelin’s wholly owned subsidiaries including Secant Medical Group, Charter Medical, and Sanavita Medical.  Solesis continues to explore avenues of growth and investment in these existing businesses while furthering new acquisition strategies.

 Bringing vision to market through innovation is our priority at Solesis. By managing the strategy, funding, and growth of our portfolio of companies, Solesis leverages and develops advancements in health care with specific focus on regenerative therapies, overseeing R & D, science, technology, and engineering. Providing key support to our companies allows and encourages collaboration, creativity, and further potential in health care breakthroughs when it comes to the next generation of market leaders. It is through this type of critical thinking, combined with the financial strength of Michelin along with the expertise and leadership of the Solesis team that gives us the edge to move forward, and be on the forefront of worldwide medical innovations.