Charter Medical, LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing standard and custom single-use technologies for the cell and gene therapy, bioprocessing, and blood management industries.

For more than 30 years, Charter Medical—an ISO 13485/NSAI certified and FDA registered company—has been providing high-quality, innovative solutions that continue to help industry-leading biopharmaceutical companies bring advanced, life-saving therapies to market.

Polyzen is a leading developer and manufacturer of customized polymer-based materials, films, components, and assemblies for the medical device industry. Our range of material and processing technologies allow us to provide optimum solutions for innovation-driven companies, ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to major medical device manufacturers. From prototype development through full-scale production, we take pride in our quality, technical expertise, and customer service, and we strive to provide the best value throughout the product lifecycle.

SanaVita Medical, LLC provides contract manufacturing and medical device processing services needed to bring innovative solutions to market. From finishing and assembly, packaging and labeling, sterilization management, and regulatory compliance, SanaVita Medical provides vital supply chain services.

SanaVita Medical is an FDA-registered contract manufacturer with a robust Quality Management System compliant with ISO 13485. SanaVita’s expert regulatory team is equipped to handle complex projects from both North American and European markets.

Secant Group, LLC provides next-generation solutions for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries by engineering technologies that enable repair, recovery, and regeneration of the human body.

With a services-oriented approach, Secant Group collaborates with medical device manufacturers from sketch to scale on designing and developing custom-engineered textiles for implantable medical devices with cardiovascular, general surgery,  neurovascular, and orthopedic applications.

Secant’s patented polymer technology, poly(glycerol sebacate) (PGS), enables the pharmaceutical industry to advance global healthcare through controlled release and tissue engineering applications.

As part of its legacy business, Secant Group continues to design, develop, and manufacture high-performance materials for the aerospace, energy, filtration, and other industries.