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Charter Medical, LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing standard and custom single-use technologies for the cell and gene therapy, bioprocessing, and blood management industries.

For more than 30 years, Charter Medical—an ISO 13485/NSAI certified and FDA registered company—has been providing high-quality, innovative solutions that continue to help industry-leading biopharmaceutical companies bring advanced, life-saving therapies to market.

Secant Group, LLC provides next-generation solutions for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries by engineering technologies that enable repair, recovery, and regeneration of the human body.

Through strategic partnerships, Secant Group collaborates with clients from sketch to scale on designing and developing custom-engineered textiles for implantable medical devices in the cardiovascular, orthopedic, neurovascular, and surgical industries.

Secant’s patented polymer technology, poly(glycerol sebacate) (PGS), enables the pharmaceutical industry to advance patient compliance and global healthcare through controlled release, cell and gene therapy, and tissue engineering applications.

As part of its legacy business, Secant Group continues to design, develop, and manufacture next-generation, high-performance materials for the aerospace, energy, filtration, and other industries.

SanaVita Medical, LLC provides contract manufacturing and medical device processing services needed to bring innovative solutions to market. From finishing and assembly, packaging and labeling, sterilization management, and regulatory compliance, SanaVita Medical provides vital supply chain services.

SanaVita Medical is an FDA-registered contract manufacturer with a robust Quality Management System compliant with ISO 13485. SanaVita’s expert regulatory team is equipped to handle complex projects from both North American and European markets.

At Secant Group, we are committed to developing custom solutions for our clients in the life sciences and various industrial industries.   As the parent company for Secant Medical Components and Secant Technical Materials, combined with partner company SanaVita Medical, LLC, the Secant Group collaborates with market leaders at every stage of the development process.

Our commitment to the future of biomaterials centers on strategic academic research partnerships and our bioresorbable resin technology, Regenerez®, which serves as a platform for regenerative medicine.

Secant Medical Components engineers textiles and structures that enable repair, recovery and regeneration of the human body. Using advanced polymers, metals and composites, Secant Medical Components develops implantable structures for medical devices.

Secant Technical Materials designs, develops and manufactures next-generation, high-performance  material solutions that enable our customers to be market leaders in pharmaceutical, space, energy, filtration, and other industries.

Charter Medical, Ltd. has over 25 years of expertise as a manufacturer and distributor catering to the blood, biotech, and regenerative medicine industries. Since 1988, Charter Medical has become a trusted name within these industries by manufacturing reliable products, and displaying expertise in the collaboration and support of unique single-use solutions.

To provide exceptional quality products, CML has developed a quality policy which serves as the foundation for all operational activities.  The quality management system is structured in accordance with ISO 13485 and provides a single, consistent approach to managing quality for all products.  Charter Medical is committed to providing quality products with excellent service and exceeding customers’ expectations by integrating continuous improvements in all that we do.

SanaVita Medical provides contract manufacturing and medical device processing services needed to bring innovative solutions to market.

Our capabilities include finishing and assembly, packaging and labeling, and sterilization management. We also provide regulatory registration and compliance assistance.

SanaVita Medical delivers services that are perfectly aligned with a vital supply chain. When working with SanaVita Medical, you have the benefit of partnering with an organization dedicated to quality and compliance and to making your life-changing vision a reality.