Karen M. West

President, Solesis

Karen West is an experienced executive, specializing in business development, corporate entrepreneurship, operations and strategic planning and is currently the President of Solesis, a Michelin owned company.  Her energy, passion and entrepreneurial spirit enables strong, high-level leadership, driving the Division’s growth.

More About Karen

Karen received a master’s degree in Business Administration from Lehigh University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Jefferson University. Additionally, she holds a certificate of Corporate Entrepreneurship from Lehigh University.

Karen began her career as a textile and process engineer. Now, as an executive, she brings a deep and broad knowledge of operations, people and processes to everything she does, giving her an exceptional talent for executing her vision. Prior to Solesis, she was instrumental in the development of The Secant Group, from its inception in 2002, to what is now the division’s largest operating company. While at Secant, Karen was able to see and capitalize on existing strengths, aligning them within the business to identify growth opportunities and played a major role in operations, manufacturing, R &D, sales, marketing, and corporate quality management. Karen brings this same insight, wisdom and focus to the division as a whole. Working both domestically and internationally, Karen leverages organic and acquisitive growth and profitability for the Solesis companies in the healthcare sector. She communicates her vision clearly, fueling growth, and delivering exceptional value to the Michelin shareholders by overseeing business performance, operations, and strategic growth for Solesis’s operating companies, the Secant Group, Charter Medical, and Sanavita.

Christopher B. Edwards

Vice President, Finance

Chris Edwards and his family have resided in the U.S. since 2008. He is a chartered global management accountant (CGMA) qualifying in Liverpool, U.K., and has an M.B.A. from the Manchester Business School, U.K. Chris Edwards is Vice President of Finance for Solesis. Chris joined the Solesis team in 2013.

More About Chris

He is an experienced finance professional who is responsible for all divisional finance activities, as well as shared financial services across the broader Michelin group of companies. As Vice President of Finance for Solesis, Chris works alongside the president of Solesis, Karen West, to oversee the development and expansion of Michelin’s Medical Business Line.

Although high level strategic finance is Chris’s specialty, he brings more than his financial wisdom/acumen to the team. He has a broad view of business, is commercially minded, with a strong grasp of business outside of finance. Chris has a solid underpinning in global finance having worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb, ConvaTec and  Inventiv Health in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and US.  Chris spent this time building finance teams, setting up shared services models, supporting senior leadership, as well as managing acquisitions and divestitures. All during an especially challenging time to be doing business in those areas of the globe. Chris has a keen understanding of people, products, international issues, along with mergers and acquisitions.     

Over the years, Chris has built a reputation as someone who uses a strategic approach to identify problems, see the details, anticipate the risks, and perform the financial analysis needed to drive growth, organic or via acquisitions, to deliver the most value to shareholders.  In his leadership role as Division Finance Director, Chris is instrumental in pursuing the division’s business development strategies, including the integration of acquisitions. Chris also focuses on leading and developing the financial leadership teams at Solesis’s operating companies, Secant Group, Charter Medical and SanaVita.

Jeff Robertson

Vice President, Solesis
President of Secant Group, SanaVita Medical, and Charter Medical

Jeff Robertson serves as Vice President of Solesis and President of the Secant Group,  SanaVita Medical and Charter Medical, Ltd. He joined Secant as a vice president in August 2011, during which time he managed the strategic oversight of business development, marketing, client accounts, product development, and operations.

More About Jeff

Previously, Jeff worked at ARmark Authentication Technologies, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Adhesives Research, Inc. Robertson co-developed ARmark Authentication Technologies in 2005 and served as the director and general manager.

Jeff held various positions at Adhesives Research including being the general manager of a global business unit. He began his career in pharmaceutical sales at Bristol-Meyers Squibb and handled opening a new state organization for Bock Pharmaceuticals. Jeff received a bachelor’s degree in Bio-Behavioral Science (pre-med) from Colby College and a Master’s in Business Administration from Kennedy-Western University.

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